Burren Tolkien Festival

The inaugural Tolkien Burren festival which takes place in the Burren region from Thursday the 8th May to Thursday the 16th of May 2013.

This unique gathering is a celebration of the eerie beauty of the Burren area, which is believed to have been a considerable influence in the English writer JR Tolkins in the writing of his epic novel Lord of the Rings. This is in reference to the Cave found in the area called poll na Gollum (the hole of Gollum) , the descriptions of the world of Mordor which bears a striking resemblance to the landscape of the Burren, along with similarities to the story to be found in Irish folklore.

While this connection is somewhat controversial, relatively unproven and remains a source of discussion, the festival itself seeks to celebrate both the incredible fantasy world created by JR Tolkin, the literature, poetry and history of the Burren, whilst in the setting of the other world of the Burren. From lectures, writing workshops, debates, music, film screenings and guided walks and tours of the Burren area, it promises to be a festival of sight sound and feeling that will be unique, original and joyful in its delivery.

The festival director Peter Curtin believes that the story of JR Tolkien’s discovery, exploration and connection to the Burren landscape, offers an opportunity for the festivalgoer to perhaps discover what may have been and what may still be discovered in a magical and mystical place such as the Burren.

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