The People of the Festival

Dave Swift at Burren Tolkien Society Dave Swift

Dave is an archaeologist with a keen interest in the viking era. He is engaged in Claíomh – Irish Living History and Military Heritage, and he is Hersir at Viking Age Ireland.

An expert in the military history and weaponry of Ireland, he will show us the arms and weapons of the Irish War of Independence.






 Liam CampbellDr Liam Campbell

Liam Campbell is an independent writer and scholar from Northern Ireland who holds a doctorate in        English and has lectured in English Literature and Creative Writing for the University of Ulster. Liam is the author of the monograph: The Ecological Augury in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien (2011), and has also authored several other notable publications on Tolkien.





Mark Maher at Burren Tolkien Festival

Mark Maher

Mark is a very talented and gifted prop maker who has worked for great productions like Penny Dreadful and of course Lord of the Rings. He is the lead modelmaker at Dawn Pilot and also a make-up artist.

Mark will introduce us to his art – and an art it is!





Lisa Guinan at Burren Tolkien Festival Lisa Guinan

Living on the Clare coast, Lisa has access to all medicinal plants on the shore and on the land. She is sharing her  passion for medicinal herbs and fermentation with everybody who is interested in learning, and she helps people to remedy their ailments.